Stud Services Available

We do offer stud service to approved females either by shipping fresh chilled semen, or we will accept females here to breed/board at Idlewild. We utilize Premate progesterone testing to ensure optimum breeding time, and large litters. View our boys here.



DogAs the premier White Labrador kennel of the South, we have been breeding and raising exquisite white English Labradors for conformation, temperament, and companionship for over 20 years. We have dogs actively involved in Therapy, Conformation, and Obedience. Located on 30 acres of fields, ponds, and shaded woods, our property is perfect for Labradors! We exclusively breed "typey" White Labradors ranging in color from cream to snow white; strong bone, square heads, black pigment and "gentlemans" temperaments are the result. We get comments on our dogs daily; their singular striking appearance is unmatched! We truly believe that our dogs' temperaments and "manners" are a reflection of our breeding program. Look around our site, it is evident that our dogs are not the typical "pet-bred" White Labradors commonly found, but are THE SUPERLATIVE WHITE LABRADOR!





The White Labradors at Idlewild are the best of the best White Labradors; low, stocky bodies, proper head shape and structure, excellent pigment and type. Temperament is the top priority with our dogs; we would never breed a litter or keep dogs with less than the perfect Labrador temperament; loyal, calm, loving, trainable, mannered and highly social. All our puppies are socialized and sensitized during their puppy formative weeks to ensure that this "hallmark of the breed" stays true. Idlewild does not breed "types" of Labradors; you never have to ask which litter is best for true Labrador temperament. The only dogs we have are adoring loving pets. We are ultra-conscious in our breeding program never to keep, breed or breed to Labradors that are fieldy, obsessive, snippy, barky, hyperactive, overly-driven or performance oriented; our dogs are "PEOPLE-ORIENTED”. Unlike other White Labrador breeders, our dogs are tested /cleared for OFA Hips and Elbows, OFA Heart, OFA Eye, EIC, Optigen and CNM. No other White Labrador breeder can compete with our rigorous Health testing standards or offers our Comprehensive Health Guarantee.


We are proud members of the Tullahoma Kennel Club

We are also proud members/supporters of:

  1. Tullahoma Kennel Club
  2. NLRC (National labrador Retriever Club)
  3. Labrador Life Line, Lifesavers
  4. AKC H.E.A.R.T. Program
  5. Retrieving Independence



Please look around our site; we are always happy to answer any questions or inquiries about our Labradors!


Shelbyville Tennessee


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